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Raven Ridge Staff

Candice Long, Geoscientist; performs both analytical and mapping support tasks for RRR.  Ms. Long works with a suite of software packages to produce technical figures and maps, and is responsible for data gathering, collation and interpretation.  Her professional experience comprises assessment and valuation of energy resources, including coalbed methane (CBM), coal mine methane (CMM), ventilation air methane (VAM), and biomass.  Ms. Long has performed geologic stress analyses, evaluated CBM production decline curves, interpreted VAM emissions data in order to identify feasibility of a VAM emission reduction project, interpreted geophysical log data to assess CBM well cement integrity and potential risk of gas migration into a coal mine’s workings, performed spatial analyses and interpretation of satellite imagery to construct land use and slope classifications schemes and conducted technical evaluations for siting methane drainage facilities at both underground and opencast coal mines.  Most recently, Ms. Long authored a worldwide CMM emissions report on behalf of CMOP and delivered a presentation of the report at the 2014 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Annual Meeting.