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Carbon Emissions Reductions

Raven Ridge is recognized for its extensive worldwide experience and knowledge of energy resource development. It has experience identifying, assessing, and evaluating the potential for development of projects to reduce methane emissions at active and abandoned coal mines.  Raven Ridge has experience evaluating ventilation air methane (VAM), coal mine drainage, and abandoned mine methane reduction projects.


Raven Ridge Resources professionals are experts in the emerging markets for carbon credits resulting from green house gas (GHG) emission reduction. We contributed to the UNFCCC’s ACM0008, “Consolidated baseline methodology for coal bed methane and coal mine methane capture and use for power (electrical or motive) and heat and/or destruction by flaring”. This document is the basis for submission of all CDM projects to the UNFCC which are undertaken to reduce methane emissions at coal.  As experts we have documented and marketed reductions related to methane utilization or destruction at active and abandoned coal mines. We participated in developing project design documents (PDDs) for CMM projects that were submitted as CDM projects in China. Raven Ridge professionals remain active in numerous CDM and JI countries, working on behalf of public and private sector entities working toward reduction of GHGs. Our staff and associates possess the knowledge and experience necessary to reliably evaluate and assess third party GHG reduction projects in the oil & gas or coal mining sectors on the behalf of potential credit purchasers or investors in GHG reduction projects.

United States of America

Raven Ridge Resources is the CMM Business Partner to Greenhouse Gas Services, LLC, a venture formed by GE Energy Financial Services and the AES Corporation. Raven Ridge authored the methodology for CMM projects and is actively working to help build a supply of CMM derived emission reductions.

Verification Services

Raven Ridge Resources is an approved offset verifier for the coal mine methane sector with the Chicago Climate Exchange.  We have met the Exchange’s rigorous standards for verification services.

We have also verified projects in other sectors including carbon dioxide sequestration for enhanced oil recovery, methane recovery and use from anaerobic digestion of wastewater, and greenhouse gas emission reductions through multiple transportation sector fuel reduction programs.