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Raven Ridge Staff

James S. Marshall, Executive Vice President. I have worked more than 38 years in the petroleum and mining-related industries. I am a Certified Petroleum Geologist , beginning my career in the Rocky Mountains developing tight gas sand prospects for a small independent oil and gas company. Later as a founder of Raven Ridge, I began my career in unconventional energy resources. Having spent most of my career assessing and developing coalbed and coal mine methane resources in many of the gassy coal basins throughout the world; I focused my efforts on the technical and economic assessment and evaluation of the potential for developing coal mine methane (CMM) projects at underground mines located in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the former Czechoslovakia, Viet Nam and China, and at opencast mines in the Philippines, Indonesia, and recently, in Colombia and Mongolia. During recent years, I have evaluated not just the technical and economic feasibility of CMM project development, but also  the social and environmental impacts of proposed projects.  I have extensive experience in organizing and conducting training sessions, workshops, and other forms of outreach and communication for the private and public sectors, both in the U.S. and abroad, and have authored co-authored reports and  professional papers concerning coalbed methane and coal mine methane resource evaluation, project opportunities, economics of resource development, as well as policies impacting project development. I am an internationally recognized expert in coalbed, coal mine methane and unconventional gas resource assessment, development, and utilization.  I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences with an emphasis in Geology.

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