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Dr. John Whellock heads up JW Technologies LLC, an innovative engineering company providing technology and process equipment in the fields of thermal and plasma processing for metals, minerals and chemical industry applications. JW Technologies LLC is presently developing process routes for gasification and pyrolysis of waste fuels or organics for the production of alternative energy, syngas and value-added by products; and executing feasibility and engineering studies on a variety of biomass feedstocks, coal wastes, coal mine and ventilation air methane and coal bed methane for power and carbon credit opportunities. Dr. Whellock has extensive experience in project management, plant design, startup and optimization, as well as business and technology management and has authored numerous patents and over 30 technical articles. Technical experience includes: plasma systems and d.c electric furnace applications; pyrometallurgical processing, process and hygiene systems design, combustion equipment design and application, TorbedĀ® Reactor technology and fluidized bed systems; leaching, acid plant design, gas-liquid contacting technology for scrubbing, oxygenation, stripping, flotation and carbonation.