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Global Experience

Raven Ridge provides a range of technical and project management services to the oil, gas, and public sector entities worldwide. Raven Ridge specializes in assessment and development of conventional and non-conventional energy resources, particularly coalbed and coal mine methane. The firm is experienced in carrying out detailed geologic, economic, and technological assessments needed to develop natural resources in an efficient and environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. Raven Ridge’s work on coalbed methane began in 1988 by evaluating resource potential of coalbed methane occurrences in the western USA. Raven Ridge’s first coal mine methane projects began in 1990 with a mission to Poland funded by the USEPA to assess the potential for economic development and utilization of coal mine methane. The company has demonstrated ability and qualifications in the development of other non-conventional energy resources, including tight gas sands, shale gas and underground gasification of coal.

Countries in which Raven Ridge has provided coalbed and coal mine methane consulting services and experience include:

Poland                   India                         Russia                 Zimbabwe
Ukraine                  Czech Republic       Japan                   Australia
China                     Mexico                     Bulgaria               Thailand
Romania                Canada                    Belgium               Kazakhstan
France                   Germany                  Spain                   Venezuela
Mongolia                Philippines               England               Turkey
Viet Nam                Indonesia                 Colombia             Republic of South Africa

Learn more about Raven Ridge’s experience by downloading our Statement of Qualifications.