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Abandoned Coal Mine Methane

Raven Ridge Resources has extensive experience forecasting methane recovery from abandoned coal mines. Modeling abandoned coal mine methane (AMM) is different from conventional natural gas, or even coalbed methane (CBM). The key to obtaining reliable forecasts lies in developing an integrated approach to understanding the history of the mine, the current status of the underground workings, and potential strategies for draining of the remaining gas from the remaining void.

Raven Ridge and its associates offer the following services relative to AMM recovery projects:

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Resource Determination
  • Project Specific Production Forecasting
  • Methane Reserves Determination and Categorization
  • Project Economic Analysis and Business Planning

The quality and quantity of input data for the forecasting model has a significant impact on the degree of uncertainty of the forecasts and hence the financial risk associated with a project. Raven Ridge recommends risk analysis and will provide it if desired by the client of business partner. Please contact us for a project specific cost estimate.