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Analytical Testing Services

The following services are available to our U.S. and international clients.

Sorption Isotherms – Raven Ridge Resources has a state-of-the-science laboratory for performing sorption and desorption isotherms, real-time desorption rate testing, and desorption isobars. We specialize in designing tests to best simulate reservoir conditions or calibrate an existing reservoir model; this includes techniques such as use of whole core samples and substitution of reservoir water for distilled water in sample preparation.

Coalbed Methane Desorption Testing – Raven Ridge Resources has extensive experience in the utilization of whole core, coal cuttings, and sidewall core for desorption testing. We have modified the decline curve method for calculating lost gas. Our research indicates that this modified decline curve method, which uses the slope of the line produced when cumulative desorbed gas is plotted against elapsed time, is a superior technique for estimating lost gas.